Virtual Edgar Allan Poe in Cloud Party

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Check out this 3D Web macabre of interactive stories from Edgar Allan Poe created by AirisApps in the web-based virtual world of Cloud Party.  For a limited time, you can experience them first hand in world as hypermedia.  Take rides on the ghost sailing ship and airship.  Search the House of the Tale-Tell Heart for the source of that beating sound. Learn the twists and turns of Edgar Allan Poe’s mind with classics like The Raven and The Black Cat, and see what happened to the man in Cask of Amontillado. Journey to,-21.6,2.6,1.5 to explore many of these stories for yourself (best viewed with Google Chrome browser)

Places to see include:

  1. A. Gordon Pyme – Take a ride on a ghost ship and turn on your audio as you sit back and listen to this sea-bound tale.
  2. Tell-Tale Heart – Search the house for the source of that heartbeat.
  3. Cask Amontillado -Pass your hand over the wall and see what becomes of him.  Take a sip of wine…as you may need it.
  4. The Raven – Hear this infamous tale of the black bird that still brings goosebumps to many a man (or woman for that matter).
  5. The Black Cat– Learn what happened to the hideous beast that confined me to the hangman.
  6. Graveyard Forest – Explore this primeval wood and graveyard as this tale unfolds.
  7. Mind of Poe – Click upon the sphere to journey to the skies aboard the ghostly airship.  Look below to see the cards of Poe or fly down upon them and become part of the art.
  8. Grave Diggers (credits room) – Learn about the people who developed this build, visit the Edgar Allan Poe Museum website, and don’t forget to get a free crystal skull.
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