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ROV” – Remotely Operated Vehicle (working title)

Check out my latest game concept for the ROV mobile game on GameSprout, which is the first ever community-based platform for collaborative game design:


Game Overview

  • This will start as a single player game for iPhone/iPad (higher resolution) and may be released in a multiplayer version at a later date
  • Action Adventure genre
  • Play using one of three ROVs
  • Fight off underwater creatures, currents, thermal vents, gulf stream eddies, and relic poachers
  • 6 Levels of game play with 3 difficulty settings
  • Leader score board
  • Learn while you play – learn a bit of oceanography and history while having fun.
  • Monster Mashup (upload your friend’s photo to use as a face texture for the bad guy on the final boss level)
  • Social bragging/blogging to Facebook, Twitter, and SMS texting


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