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For the transportation assignment in my 3D Modeling class at the Art Institute of Virginia Beach, I did a dirigible using Leonardo da Vinci’s horse head casting from planning of the Sforza Monument along with the wings from his Flying Machine.  It was fun to do the rope extrusion with twisting, but the video was a bit hard to figure out at first.  It turned out that you have to use the beginning of the curve to extrude instead of the end.

One problem I encountered is with the mesh for the first rope having a blue outline for some reason.  The second rope I did the same way does not have the blue outline.  Shown below is a screenshot of the model.


And here is a render of the model.


I am working on a screenblast animation, but still trying to figure out the repeat animation part.  I set it up for a 7 second animation with a repeat to make it 14 seconds, but I see it only animates once.  That was done on the PCs at school, which don’t have quicktime setup, so I’ll try at home on my Mac next.

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