Japanese Interior

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I developed an interior of a Japanese home in the Edo Period for my second project in 3D Modeling Studio class.

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Image converted using ifftoany

Project Description:

I modeled an interior Japanese house model for Project 2.  I need to do some additional research on this to see what is available in the way of reference for interiors for different historic periods.  I would like to stay with the Edo Period (1616-1860 AD) if possible to match my previous exterior architecture’s timeframe.  This will be part of my Japanese village for use in the short I will be producing later on.  The trick I think here will be keeping it detailed enough while still keeping it simplistic.  The Japanese like to leave the space open and flowing and details are very subtle.  I think that simplicity will be a challenge for me to keep it simple with a sense of feng shui as you move through the space.

While I stayed as close as I could to the Edo Period style, I did add a few of my own stylings with the Torri house symbol, katana sword, Samurai helmet, and the bonsai trees (which were modeling on an iPhone with Adobe Ideas and taken as vector to Illustrator and then Maya as curves).

Plan of Action & Milestones:

4A (Oct 27) Project Planning & Initial Research.
Oct 29 Journal 3 was already turned in.
4B (Oct 30) Complete drawings of all items to be built and start laying out block modeling in Maya.
5A (Nov 3) Modeling should be 50% complete.
Nov 5 Journal 4 due.
5B (Nov 6) Finish build if possible by this date to allow time for finishing touches.
6A (Nov 10) Add details to geometry and ensure clean project files.  Get two pier reviews.
Nov 12 Complete the Self Critique.
6B (Nov 13) Turn in final Maya folder along with 4 images.

Pictures of Plan and Updates on Build:

Japanese Room Interior

Interior-WIP-01 Interior-WIP-02 Interior-WIP-03 Interior-WIP-04 Interior-WIP-05 Interior-WIP-06 Interior-WIP-07

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