Japanese Village Texturing

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Here are some works in progress (WIPs) of the texturing of my Japanese village.

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GRANDFATHER: This is my Grandfather character design.  I still need to work a bit more on the face to add a mouth.  I’ll probably just do the wrinkles thru texturing to add it as a subtle effect while keeping things still cartoony.

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MAIN GATE: This is the torri entrance and bridge I just finished.  I think it’s coming along pretty good.  The castle walls behind it are being worked on.  You see different colors right now because I broke the walls into different patterns to re-use textures on different parts of the city walls and I’m still designing textures to use for the various parts of it.

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Japanese Houses: Here you see the outside of the Japanese family homes, which I designed in a previous class.  I hope to one day make family symbols for each house if I have time for those details.  The houses are instanced to reduce the render time.

Here is my plan of action and milestones for the project:

Plan of Action and Milestones:

  • Week 7B (Nov 20) – Work on character modeling and texturing (done)
  • Week 8A (Nov 24) – Finish up character and start working on textures for village (mostly done – a little bit of character modeling still needed for head)
  • Week 9A (Dec 1) – Begin rigging character (partially done)
  • Week 9B (Dec 4) – Submit Journal 6 and have rigging 50% complete (done)
  • Week 10A (Dec 8) – Rigging and Character should be complete and Village texturing should be 50% complete by this point
  • Week 10B (Dec 11) – Get peer reviews on my project and add final touches
  • Week 11A (Dec 15) – Present character and textured Japanese Village + turn in self evaluation
  • Week 11A (Dec 18) – Present character and textured Japanese Village + turn in self evaluation

ORIGINAL 3D MODELING: You can see a blog on the original modeling of the village at: https://dfliesen.wordpress.com/2014/10/10/japanese-village/ and the modeling and procedural texturing I did for the family house is at: https://dfliesen.wordpress.com/2014/10/30/japanese-interior/

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