Creatures of Magic

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Lady with Baby Dragon


A young mystic nears the end of her journey home after learning the forbidden arts of ancient magic. She spots an egg starting to hatch and picks it up to have a closer look when suddenly it glows from within revealing a curled up creature. As the shell magically breaks apart, a baby dragon awakes and looks up at her eyes saying “Momma?” She shakes her head at the dragon and knows what must be done. Extending her hand to the skies she signals the green dragon to fly. He leaps from hand and flies off into the forest with a stream of magical particles and fire trailing behind him.


Here is a storyboard to illustrate the different shot angles for this production.

Creatures of Magic Storyboard


These are photos of the First Landing State Park south trails on the Bald Cypress Trail.


Some video clips to see how the light works out in the woods here at just a few locations:


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