MakeHuman Asian Hulk Avatar

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Here is an Asian Hulk avatar I made with MakeHuman version 1.1.0 (experimental nightly build on Mac) in three formats:

And here are some snapshots to show some of the different capabilities you have with the Mac Unstable Nightly build version of MakeHuman, which I think is the only version with the OpenSim/Second Life compliant rigging with 26 bones.

Rigging Options with version 1.1.0 which included an OpenSim compliant rig

Asian Hulk with MakeHuman Nightly Unstable Mac Rigging Presets

Additional Clothing Options in version 1.1.0

Asian Hulk with Clothing Options

Topologies with Mac version 1.1.0 (Nightly Unstable)

Asian Hulk Topology Screenshot

Exporting to DAE

Asian Hulk DAE Export Options

Exporting to FBX

Asian Hulk FBX Export Options

Materials Editor (under Utilities section in version 1.1.0)

Asian Hulk with Utilities Material Editor

Pose capability in version 1.1.0

Asian Hulk with Poses

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