Educators Tour of the SPACE Virtual World Platform

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Educator’s Tour of the SPACE Virtual World Platform


DATE/TIME: Thursday (September 22nd) at 5 pm SLT at ISTE SIGVE sim in SL
2016 SPACE Video Teaser:

SPACE is a brand new virtual world platform built by veteran users for everyone.  You can build the most amazing experiences easily with AAA quality content and unparalleled flexibility and functionality to provide the most amazing regions for your students to learn while having fun. Your first region is free and costs are very reasonable with options for using items custom made for SPACE, Unity’s Asset Store (including high quality free content), and other 3D software or conversion from your own OpenSim builds.  SPACE comes with many advanced capabilities built in for making quests and using non-player characters (NPCs) to offer a game like experiences to engage students in learning.  SPACE is being developed by one of the two founders of OpenSim technology.  With more than a decade of virtual reality experience, the SPACE team is focused on making this the best virtual world with simultaneous multi-platform entry together via standalone, WebGL, tablet, and mobile phone clients.  This provides a means for getting past the “prototyping” stage to a more classroom ready VR environment.  You will love how SPACE provides massive regions, cinematic gestures, and easy to use professional tools where your only limits are your imagination and bandwidth.  SPACE is built to leverage Unity’s fantastic workflow so you can effortlessly import content from leading 3D modelling and editing tools along with our custom SPACE tools.  Works well with Blender, 3DS Max, Maya, Lightwave, ZBrush, Substance Designer, DDO, Photoshop, Motion Builder, Marvelous Designer, and Clo3D to bring in amazing content.  Getting started with SPACE is simple and free.  Learn more at:

TOUR: While currently in private beta, SPACE will offer a special tour for educators with special access to the creator servers.  We will meetup at the ISTE SIGVE in Second Life at 5 pm SLT on Sep. 22 and then go into SPACE with options for either the PC downloadable client ( or the WebGL client along with Discord ( for voice chat.  SPACE will have accounts already setup for guests or you can easily create your own avatar accounts.

TUTORIALS: We have already developed more than 4 hours of training to help you get started:

NOTE: This will be marketed out via the International Society for Technology in Education Virtual Environments Network (ISTE SGVE) and Virginia Society for Technology in Education (VSTE) groups in Second Life as well as the Google Plus Group:

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