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Yale University School of Art digital rough

Thank you for taking the time to help me with the “User Testing” of this Digital Rough for my Screen Design & Graphics course at the Art Institute.  Please provide your comments in the “Leave a Reply” at the bottom of this page in response to the 7 User Testing questions.  Note that user testing will run […]

MakeHuman Asian Hulk Avatar

Here is an Asian Hulk avatar I made with MakeHuman version 1.1.0 (experimental nightly build on Mac) in three formats: Original MakeHuman file (1 KB) NOTE: This may require the same version of the software. Colada DAE version (10.7 MB zipfile) FBX version (11.6 MB zipfile) And here are some snapshots to show some of the different capabilities you have […]

MakeHuman Avatars for OpenSimulator

07 DECEMEBER 2015 Ferd converted OpenSim Carl to get an initial method established.  Shown below are some screen shots and video of the testing in OpenSim on the REDgrid.   06 DECEMEBER 2015 Here is a test avatar I have been trying to learn how to bring into OpenSim from MakeHuman. LINK TO FBX   And […]

Creatures of Magic

CONCEPTUAL IMAGE: STORYLINE: A young mystic nears the end of her journey home after learning the forbidden arts of ancient magic. She spots an egg starting to hatch and picks it up to have a closer look when suddenly it glows from within revealing a curled up creature. As the shell magically breaks apart, a […]


I am working on a 2D animation in which a Charlie Chaplin character is arrested by the keystone cops after beating up a vending machine for legal marijuana. And some rough sketches

A tale of 3 Walk Cycles

Here is the video reference for my 3 Walk Cycles for 3D Animation Studio class using the Morpheus rig: Walk #1 – Mike Wazowski Walk #2 – Jessica Rabbit Walk #3 – The Sneak

Innovation & the Father of Oceanography

Cory Ondrejka gave a speech at Wharton about Angry Dinosaurs and how LT Matthew Fontaine Maury used innovation way back in the 19th Century.  Cory is now part of the team at Facebook and was previously CTO of Linden Lab and a U.S. Navy submariner.  Cory talked about how LTMaury discovered a gold mine of […]

FCVW Lobby Build

Here are some pictures of the progress from over the holidays on the shops and storefronts on the Lobby_1 sim for the Federal Consortium for Virtual Worlds.


Mixamo is a great online service for auto rigging your characters, selecting from pre-made characters, and adding MOCAP (Motion Capture) animations to your characters to use with 3D Modeling software, game engines, and in virtual worlds.  Click here for instructions on how to use Mixamo with Maya. Here is a quick playblast video of my […]